Small Update on

Request for Fundamentals

A piece of feedback I’ve already received has been a request to provide some basic introductions to various topics around identity that I’ll mention throughout this site.

For example, the wallet-based credentials issuer/holder/verifier model, two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), and some standards such as OAuth2 and OIDC.

I hope to cover these in a new fundamentals category over time.

If you have any other suggestions, questions, or comments, please do contact me.

Change of Hosting Provider has changed its hosting provider already! I’ve moved from using Bluehost to Kinsta. Sadly, I fell into the trap of affiliate marketing hype over the original service.

After only being live for a few hours the site suffered both database connection failures and incredibly slow page loading times, and sadly the support at Bluehost didn’t seem up to par.

Hopefully this change is for the best.