The Neverending Task of Finding my (Writer’s) Voice

You may notice as you read the various articles on this site that some of them are written in a different voice to the others. Take the comparison of my piece about my experience at IIW, and my writing about the potential for wallet-based credentials to change how gamers interact.

Generally, I’ll try to write informally on this site. But there are some pieces that I want to write in a more formal voice. These formal pieces will likely be the ones that include references at the bottom. In the case that I want to “break out” of the formal voice, to add an aside or some additional commentary I’ll use the formatting below. You may consider it an extended set of parentheseses, or an alternative to using long footnotes.

This is what it will look like. There’s probably a better way of styling this, but I’m trying to get this whole site up with some content at the same time my wife is overdue with our second child by 6 days.

what’s this?

Until I get some extended time to work on the design of the site and make it a bit more approachable this is the technique I’m going to use.

I do not shy away from the need to present myself in different ways, in different places, in different times, and to different audiences. In fact, it’s a big part of what I believe digital identity needs to enable us all to be able to do as easily as we do it in everyday life.