What’s the new Purpose of luna.co.uk?

For me (David Luna, hi!) to write about topics that interest me. In general these will be related to digital identity – some of the challenges I see, insights I’ve gained, and opportunities that lie ahead of us. Some of the thoughts will be fanciful. Potentially some may go into some technical depth, though in general I want to keep it light to attract as wide an audience as possible.

That’s not to say I won’t write about topics other than identity that excite me. I have a family, I enjoy playing board and video games, I’m trying to get better at cooking, and over time these and other interests may find their way on to the site. I’m also looking to improve my presentation and writing, so those topics may come up as well. I’ll do my best to tag articles as I pen them, and to keep this site organised, though I make no promises about the frequency that I’ll upload new pieces. 

If you’re interested in reaching out with questions, criticisms, or advice, you can always contact me.